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Smoking Cessation

Drug-Free Smoking Cessation

Stimulate Acupressure Points to End Your Cravings

Break your smoking habit once and for all with a comprehensive approach from Ohm~ The Center for Advanced Massage and Energy Therapy. We use a combination of acupressure and psychological exercises to help you end your nicotine cravings.
  • First visit - $100
  • Subsequent visits - $50

Start with Acu-Laser and Start Feeling Better

We'll apply Acu-Laser, a non-invasive cold level laser, and provide acupressure to your ears, face, and hands. This stimulation raises the "feel good" endorphin levels in your brain and boosts serotonin and dopamine uptake as well.

Once your brain is stimulated, the nicotine receptors there are shut off so you no longer feel the physical craving for nicotine.

The drug-free, non-invasive, nicotine-free Acu-Laser approach has worked for many people who have tried and failed with patches, pills, and gum.

Psychological Techniques Defeat Stress Responses

Many smokers quit and then go back to nicotine because the drug helps them deal with stresses. To counter this problem, we'll help you develop psychological approaches that help you cope.

Breathing techniques and positive visualization will let you deal with stresses and withdraw from environment that invites you to return to your negative habit. 

After just four 30-minute sessions, which are done twice a week for two weeks, you'll feel stronger and more confident about your ability to remain SMOKE FREE!
Steam therapy

See If Your Employer Will Help You Quit Smoking

Back in 2008, Illinois passed smoke-free legislation moving smokers farther away from the buildings where they work. While this is better for non-smokers inside, it's costing companies more in longer break times and lost production. Your employer may very well rather help you quit than lose you to cigarette time!

Also, spending about $400 to help you quit makes a lot more business sense than spending an estimated $16,000 or more in additional lifetime medical bills due to your smoking. 

More and more companies are offering stop-smoking assistance, so be sure to see if yours is among them.

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