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Therapeutic Treatments

Effective Light Wave Therapy

Therapeutic Treatments Using LightWave

Let Ohm~ The Center for Advanced Massage and Energy Therapy show you how light can improve your energy levels.

We use LightWave™ and far infrared light treatments to increase your vascularity, promote the formation of new capillaries, and assist in the replacement of damaged capillaries.

Stimulate Nutrients and Remove Toxins

In your cells, the chemical compound ATP (adenosine triphosphate) is one of the major carriers of energy. When you stimulate its release through light wave therapy, your cells can accept nutrients and remove toxins more quickly. You may also see an increase in lymphatic functions.

A 1/2-hour session costs $75, but if you add light wave therapy to another therapy session in progress, the price drops to $50.

To make an appointment or to gather more information, call 847-280-1755 or come to our center at 600 Spring Hill Ring Rd.
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