Ergonomic Assessment

This benefits your employees by providing a more balanced and correct workspace set-up which may prevent stressful and painful conditions from developing. Using the PEER System of ergonomic assessment helps to reduce muscle stressors, enhances concentration and comfort for your workers. Focus is on body position, computer set-up, using the keyboard and mouse, position of monitor, and using the phone. Environment is important. Lighting, air movement, and desk positioning can improve an employee’s productivity when they feel less stress from chronic muscle tension, eyestrain, and repetitive strain injuries. This does not mean that your company needs to spend more money! Evaluation of your employee’s work environment can mean simple modifications to existing systems that are cost effective or of no additional costs to the company! And with reduced strain and pain comes reduced medical costs, reduced time-loss, and a happier, more productive employee!


$60 per hour (2 hour minimum)