NES Advanced Total Health System

As a bio-energetic practitioner I now have the opportunity to work with NES Advance Health Total Wellness System. This is cutting edge scientific technology at a ground breaking level here in the USA. They have been in the UK, Australia, and now currently launching in the U.S.. NES Health has over 30 years of research in the Human Body Field, the field of energy and information that operates in the physical body at the sub-cellular level.

The Provision Software and MiHealth can read Bio-energetic functions of the body. The MiHealth bio-scan is a non-invasive scanning device where in moments after placing your hand on the MiHealth the feedback returns several hundred results about the body and the body field in an anatomically-correct and detailed graphic, sorted and prioritized according to the severity of the body-field distortion and blockages  that represents:

Major organs and organ system

Environmental Influences- toxins, EMF’s

Musculoskeletal System


Nutritional Influences

Emotions, Trauma, Shock, Hormones,

Body-field Structures

It analyzes the Body-field to find energy blockages, information distortions, and physiological issues that compromise health and the body’s ability to heal. We are allowed to see beyond symptoms and distinguish the source of distortions across the clients entire body-field.

I assess and treat these distortions and blockages so that the body-field and body can more easily and naturally return to optimum function.

It is safe, quick, complete, and non-invasive!

Please take time to preview this video it is under 4 minutes in length